welcome to zubu blog

Photos by: Buck Sia

Although my practice has been in operation for the past 6 years, it has been officially a year since we established Zubu design associates. I feel the success of the studio comes with the people behind them. Collaboration is key for the studio to flourish and everyone involved should be credited for our work.

I named our design firm as Zubu for our affinity to our culture as Filipinos. As you all know Zubu was once the name of Cebu, Philippines. This name makes a statement that us Filipinos can create a stamp in affecting our local setting as well as the global scene.

Zubu is all about progressive thinking , we like to stimulate not only the architect’s thought ┬ábut also society in general. For the studio , Architecture should only be produced this way , and nothing else.

This blog will showcase our key projects from the past and will be a platform to showcase our current and future works. This blog will also feature some of my articles and essays circled around the topic of design and architecture. You can also check my flash site for my works from 2009 and earlier.

I will always regard myself a student of architecture and this is my my way on contributing to the architecture society especially here in the Philippines