house I at maria luisa

Photos by: Buck Sia

view from garden

This 4 bedroom house is an exercise of planar compositions, solids and planes perched above glass panels. It has a certain ” prarie house” feel due to the low pitched roof. The front most wall is white canvas juxtaposed with wooden slats and a horizontal window, while the other wall serves like a backdrop complementing the canvas.



upper ground floor plan

the plan has a central circulation element with the stairs on the center that divides the social spaces , service spaces and the guest spaces.

garage level - lower ground

second floor plan

the family room overlooks the foyer, while the bedrooms are flanked on one axis.


project credits:

project : house 1 at maria luisa

location : maria luisa cebu city philippines

lot area: 500 sqm

floor area: 360 sqm

design : 2006

status: unbuilt

principal architect: buck richnold sia

design team: arbet cadayona