the boardwalk & the lantaw

Photos by: Buck Sia

back in 2007 , these were studies for a high end restaurant cluster in Cebu. The first was an investigation on putting one beside the Boardwalk at the North Reclamation Area. Nestled on a site of 3,000 sqm. we created 5 separate structures that will house a wine bar, steakhouse , seafood restaurant and other fusion restaurants.

View from the promenade of the mactan channel























site development plan

A site section from the entry to the promenade

elevation form the promenade.

The other scheme is for a different site , which was the “lantaw” of the marco polo plaza complex. Since the site is sloping – the scheme had an opportunity to have a split level among the structures. Coming from the entry / parking you can only see the view and the structures will only be seen when you look down.
































the site development











site section from the entry to the pool.







elevation from the lowest point of the site


Project credits:

project: restaurant cluster

area: 3000 sqm

location:  1st Рnorth reclamation mandaue cebu; 2nd Рnivel hills cebu

principal architect: buck richnold sia

project team: michael litang, arbet cadayona

year : 2007