house at mahogany grove II

Photos by: Buck Sia

House II at mahogany grove, the 2nd mid sized house of Zscape, attempts in a more international style with planes creatively stacked. It also mixes color and texture with the massing and planes. The eastern wall with the firewall connects with the clerestory canopy that creates the 1st of the many elements. The flat roof and canopies create a horizontal effect that sandwiches the yellow plane. That plane with is also the frontmost of all the elevations is flanked at the side with the louver enclosed glass panels and the rust-effect tiled wall. The interior also feels the linearity of the space, with the cantilevered stairs as the backdrop.

the house is flanked with more conventional houses

front facade

living area

dining and living area

masters bedroom

masters toilet and bath

floor plan

elevation and section


project credits:

project: 2 storey residential

location: mahogany grove mandaue city cebu

client : zscape development corp.

lot area: 146 sqm

floor area: 155 sqm

design : 2007

principal architect: buck richnold sia

design team: arbet cadayona