red tilted box house

Photos by: Buck Sia


The red tilted box house is conceptualized to have a pure red box that is tilted to maximize the vista of the site. The house is inside a gated community  , which lots are plotted in a gridded pattern. The best view of the site is at the oblique view of the site. With the existing topography with an 8 meter difference from top to bottom, the house is stilted where the ground floor volume is in line with the orientation of the site , while the second floor was angled for the view. A long 4 meter cantilevered roof was also designed to provide shade and strong winds and rain of the site. 

views from the bottom of the site

















view from the street – the service areas are at the front to maximize the back for main spaces to enjoy the view


view from the side

the red tilting box is where the bedrooms are located, where a well shaded terrace can be directly accessed from the masters bedroom

initial renderings

initial renderings clearly showing the contour of the site

elevation and floor plan

project credits:

program : 4 bedroom residential

location: alta vista pardo cebu

lot area: 500 sqm

floor area: 350 sqm

year : 2008

principal architect: buck richnold sia

design team:  francis abellanosa, joffrey echivarre