house at kings road house

Photos by: Buck Sia

The house at kings road house took advantage of the natural grade of the property. a 250 sqm lot with an 8 meter difference in elevation with the access to the road at the bottom of the lot. The house shows 2 rectilinear massings – the white , a lot more transparent, with windows flanking on the side. Its covered with a distorted hip roof. the hip roof form 4 different triangles ,with an incision that lights up the entry courtyard. The gray massing helps accentuate the white one , like a podium. the gray grooves exemplifies a heavier weight contradicting the clerestorey windows , that seems to make the white massing to float.

This house also employs a split level that is dictated at the site. At the front it is a 3 story building while at the back it is only 1 story. The entry of the house has an entrance courtyard where the retaining wall was created as a wall feature.

northwest view

northwest view

front facade - showing the texture of the 2 massings









the 2 massings clearly emphasized floating above the garage

the roof juts out / the view from the side at night showing the alternating rectangular wallsinitial renderings

initial renderings





project credits:

program: 3 bedroom residential

location: dona rita cebu city

lot area: 250sqm

floor area: 220sqm

year: 2008

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: michael litang