inside architecture : house at kings road south

Photos by: Buck Sia

In every design we do , there is always a direct relationship with what the outside and the inside will convey. Each massing that we place has been scrutinized to justify the essence of the concept. For the Kings road south house , the site played an important role in the justification of the concept. Since the site had a high difference of elevation, the clear zones were the private spaces in the front , the circulation spaces in the middle and the social spaces at the back.

the courtyard entry

Upon entering the main door, you are faced with a huge retaining wall , the space you are in is a void all the way towards the topmost ceiling. With a convergence of massing and volumes , this is probably the most dramatic space we have ever designed so far. The void , which houses the stairs, separates the private spaces and the social spaces. each volume – the gridded concrete wall, the spiraling stairs, the narra cladded massing , the faceted filing and the pierced skylight – complements and contrasts one another.


The stairs is a cantilevered spiral supported by the concrete railing , the first landing leads to the bedrooms then the stairs will end at the living and dining spaces.

ceiling and skylight details

Looking above the void you will see the interplay of light and shapes. The facets as seen on the ceiling is the same facet you will see on the roof. with one of the facets moved further down to accommodate the cove lighting.

ceiling detailsview from dining


Upon reaching the living and dining area, theres a sense of direction you feel from the ceiling , which the topmost point is right above the void and will slowly go back down towards the masters bedroom. Where you will see a set of steps leading towards that room. The living and the dining space is only 36 sqm with an exact square dimension of 6 meters.

living area

The side glass doors have monsoon windows above them.

view from the nook

the narra clad volume , which houses the the masters walk in closet , appears to be a central figure as well framed by the faceted ceiling.

view from the topmost level - the masters bedroom floor

masters bedroom / bedrooms with connecting doors

the masters bedroom which lies on the topmost floor – carries the same ceiling from the living area. the bed rests on the narra cladded volume that houses the walk in closet and the bathroom. while the 2 bedrooms underneath the masters can be connected to one another.

project credits:

program: 3 bedroom house

location: dona rita village cebu

floor area: 250 sqm

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: michael litang

photo credits: genesis rana