house II at pristina north

Photos by: Buck Sia

zubu design associates presents a house in pristina north with a very formal massing – this can be divided into 3 parts as shown on the roof levels. This house stretches along the 500 sam lot – The front shows the contrasting color of orange and white, while planar elements create the whole facade. Certain canopies traverse among the massing to make it a more unified composition, while the concrete roof seems to float with the clerestorey windows.

the masters bedroom is situated on the protruding orange massing.

the north view employs different bands that breaks the orange massing.

the entrance

the living room, still at its bare state, features a veneered wood wall feature

and 2nd floor hallway creates a bridge connecting from the left massing and the right massing. This part of the hallway overlooks towards the living room.

initial rendering


floor plan


project credits:

program : 6 bedroom house

location: pristina north cebu

lot area: 500sqm

floor area: 450 sqm

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: dave daiz, arbet cadayona