house at xavier estate

Photos by: Buck Sia

The house is located on a rectangular corner lot, with this opportunity of 2 exposed view from the street , we attempted to create a linear model for the house. Even as shown on the plan with the spaces divided by small pocket gardens, the house is bound by a continuous strip. The strip is clearest on the north wall that connects the canopy of the ground floor to the roof eaves then to the wall and back. There is also a strip that binds the dining area to the garage in relation to the massing at the front. Linearity can be seen almost at every aspect , from the plan to the elevations. The flat roof , massing and the random linear strips

front facade

view of the skylight

north view

north view

interior shots

second floor hallway


construction photos – nearing completion

construction photos – front facade

north view – showing clearly the linearity of the continuous strip, running from a canopy to the wall and the roof eaves.

north view

southeast view – the brown massing , where the masters t&b is situated – seems to be exactly inserted among the interconnected planes – we aim to create a very architectonic approach.

south view

model shots

model shots

elevations & sections


project credits :

program – 5 bedroom house

location – xavier estate, cagayan de oro

floor area – 450 sqm

lot area – 650 sqm

design team – buck richnold sia , michael litang , joffrey echivarre, arbet cadayona