hm building skin

Photos by: Buck Sia

We investigated a design for a new building skin on a 50 year old commercial building in the old business district in cebu. The old building is a combination of 2 buildings conjoined together. The first one has a gable shaped facade while the other is a simple box. Our approach was to join both showing still the former self of the building however in contrast – embark on a new facade that makes them as a whole. The idea was to create a folding technique that conformed to exhisting canopies and shape of the existing building. The windows also seemed to be carved out – a subtractive process- when carved , you see a different color , the yellow. There are also vertical fins that is arranged to move from left to right.

aerial view – in relation to the context

the facade is carved out to make space for the windows


project credits :

program – facade renovation

location – magallanes st. cebu city

design team – buck richnold sia, andrew tan