pcs corporate headquarters

Photos by: Buck Sia

Our proposal for the Pilipinas Shell Corporation Corporate Headquarters is an attempt to break free from a traditional block. Since the building is situated inside an existing shell gasoline station , we attempted to create an plan configuration with a central U-courtyard open at the front. The form of the building is a metaphor of an interpretation of a shell. We created a n exoskeleton ,since theres absolutely no view at front , then focusing all the openings from the courtyard. A red band on the profile of the building also is a commemoration on a red band you see on shell gasoline stations. heres our presentation boards for the proposal

project credits

program : corporate headquarters

client : pilipinas shell corporation

location : north reclamation area , mandaue city cebu

lot area: 1000 sqm

floor area : 820 sqm

design team:  buck richnold sia, michael litang, arbet cadayona, dave daiz,

andrew tan, joyce sablad, brian leonardo, rainier velano