luk thai

Photos by: Buck Sia

We were commissioned to design a thai restaurant years back , One thing we wanted to try for a restaurant, apart from being modern, is how to adapt an innate culture in Filipinos , in terms of dining. Filipinos have always been a race that loves to commune with familiarity , and are uncomfortable dining with strangers side by side. Maybe a bar dining counter is not very effective for us. One major element for this restaurant was a central bar dining that can conform to the users. At the ground floor table tops are connected from one another with a central track. depends on the number of customers – the table is flexible to accomodate 2 to 14 people. joining or separating the table tops , even by a mere 2 inches , was enough to create a boundary .


the major element was the bar type table – where depending on the diners – can shift its table tops. at the background is a backlight rendition of lemongrass stalks

dining area – kitchen at the rear.

plan and sections


project credits:

program : restaurant

client: luk thai

floor area : 60 sam.

design team : buck richnold sia, dave daiz