Photos by: Buck Sia

A phased building development for CBBSI. The building will showcase exclusive commercial space, rentable space and office space. We integrated a social fabric , that will act as a convenor of public space, in the hands of the private developer. This space is in between the exclusive commercial space and the rentable space. An opportunity for this building to create a public magnet – driving pedestrian traffic towards this location. On top of this building perched up the commercial spaces are the office spaces. This building features sustainable provisions like photovoltaics and the green wall.

the greenwall facing freedom park.

the social fabric space connecting two commercial zones

approach from leon kilat st.

the office zone perched up the commercial zone

building features

elevations and sections


project credits

program : commercial and office building

client: cbbsi

floor area : 3500 sqm

design team : buck richnold sia , michael litang, andrew tan