build it commercial depot

Photos by: Buck Sia

A simple warehouse structure for a commercial depot , this structure creates a challenge in creating an identity of the building.Usually designing such a facade makes a very unflattering building . our challenge was definitely a “volume” on the facade , not aiming for a “flat building”. this was achieved through ¬†creating an volumetric canopy on the side which in turn transforms into the eaves at the roof and the entry canopy. This volume frames as well , the openings and the commercial signages, thus creating a very coherent look.

The building contributes to some sustainable features such as maximizing north-south axis for natural light, porous surface parking and rainwater collection with first flush diverter.

This is a phased development – where a hardware depot will occupy the 1st phase , the 2nd phase will be another flagship that can complement for the hardware depot.

This is an attempt to create a sophisticated commercialization of the hardware industry.

front facade


main entrance showing access to showroom / cashier / special sections

power aisle


mezzanine showroom


aerial view

the overhang frames the signages

dusk shot


a small courtyard - a transition between the 2 phased development

project details:

program: commercial depot

location : danao , cebu

client : zscape development corp.

lot area : 5,200 sqm

floor area : 2,000 sqm

design team : buck sia, michael litang, joffrey echivarre, jess baraga, richard lo