Double Winged House

Photos by: Buck Sia

The structure is a renovation and extension for an existing 2 storey warehouse structure. Given the existing conditions to have very little natural light and a very orthogonal grid we were set out to make this house a very livable and well lighted space. The form of the space were defined by 2 axis dictated by the existing structure – the front axis is parallel to the road while the other is based on the rear property line. In the existing structure , external and internal voids were created to manipulate the interior space. This gave a bridge-like hallway at the second floor , which also dictated the circulation of the ground floor. Some manipulation was done in the existing roof resorting into a chamfered corner on one end and extending the roof profile on the rear extension . thereby enveloping parts of the structure. The end result created a distinct linear axis in the house that influences movement of the users giving a complete turnaround from the previous boxlike experience.           two added extensions protrude out from the existing structure . both extensions houses the masters bedroom and the junior masters bedroom. house is flanked with the garden and the pool in between the 2 wings



the existing roof was modified to create an envelope that encloses the exterior ; framing the corner balcony voids were carved on the inside – creating a hallway bridge on the second floor . Also infusing more natural light living room music room inside the cylindrical massing ground floor hallway the interior “cul-de-sac” – accessing to the different bedrooms, This is treated with 2 varying curvilinear elements , a white oak veneer wall and the white painted wall.   oak veneered wall that connects to the “cul-de-sac” and its relation to the interior voids





floor plans

elevations and sections




project credits:

program: 7 bedroom residential

location: guadalupe cebu

lot area: 1000 sqm floor area: 800 sqm

year: 2010

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: micheal litang, arbet cadayona, dave daiz, andrew tan