penthouse unit , parktower

Photos by: Buck Sia

A full renovation project for a 2 bedroom penthouse in a residential condominium, the design created a modern update from its mundane look. The ground floor space were introduced with a ceiling element and the platform that delineates the open kitchen and the dining room. The stairs were also totally reconstructed going towards the upper floor. The second floor is flanked with 2 bedrooms on both sides, both having an interplay of wood and white planar elements.

 view from living room , showing the dining and kitchen

living room and home office

masters bedroom

masters bedroom t&b

bedroom 1

powder room and bedroom 1 t&b



program: renovation of 2 bedroom penthouse unit

location: parktower, cebu business park

floor area: 130 sqm

year: 2010

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: joffrey echivarre