unit 8 – persimmon

Photos by: Buck Sia

We intended to maximize the space of this 36 sqm – 1 bedroom unit , this was done with integrating furniture , adding these wall feature , without even adding any ceiling to save on cost. The dining table was cantilevered on the post , beside the kitchen. A design wall element that serves as a wall for the TV with a floating shelf, as well as a day bed. A wooden band with mirror above and below are installed on the hallway to create a bigger feel for the space.  The bedroom has a platform bed with a connected overhead cabinet for more storage.


Tv wall bent to accommodate the viewers

dining and living

dining / bedroom


dining and kitchen

floor plan & sections


project credits:

program :architectural interiors  for a  condominium unit

location: the persimmon cebu city

floor area: 36 sqm

year: 2011

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: arbet cadayona, joffrey echivarre