AIDS Memorial

Photos by: Buck Sia

The memorial focuses on the living.

At the ground level, a central pod perched higher is the focal point of the park. Whether to meditate or to celebrate and witness performances. The pod symbolizes the “heart” on how to master such a crisis. Engravings of strength and emotions can be etched on the band that surrounds the pod. The performance platforms is also oriented towards St. Vincent Hospital. The steel “veins” networks the patches of green and the pod. This also support he reflecting pool with a glass bottom which also serves as skylight below.

Upon entering the basement, either from the park or the tunnels, the views along with the movement of the water will guide you through the journey. A metaphor on how support groups can guide aids victims in need. The gallery shall serve as a medium for inspiration and victories that has been through conquering aids so far.

competition board

exploded diagram












program : park, memorial and gallery

location: greenwich village , new york city

lot area: 1,600 sqm

year: 2011

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: joffrey echivarre , jess baraga

design team : andrew tan, arbet cadayona, john dolores