wall + courtyard = house

Photos by: Buck Sia

A typical housing typology we have , due to lot constraints is a provision for subdivisions to allow the house to have a firewall on one side to maximize space. This constraint gave us an opportunity to investigate on placing a courtyard breaking apart the firewall. This was achieved in this 5 bedroom house for an 183 sqm lot. We first maximized the buildable space , subtracted the courtyard and carefully manipulated the space , fitting 2 levels plus an attic. The intergration of the courtyard , creates a nice cross ventilation and a tiered space where the attic overlooks the 2nd floor hallway ; while the 2nd floor hallway overlooks the living room space. At the front a large inclined rectangular grills functions itself as a bride- soleil as well as a huge pivot door for the guest room to access directly to the front lawn. This rectangular grills can also act as a security grill.







elevations & sections


program: 5 bedroom residential

location: molave highlands, liloan, cebu

lot area: 183 sqm

floor area: 208 sqm

year: 2012

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: arbet cadayona, andrew tan

design team : john dolores , jess baraga