bent house

Photos by: Buck Sia

The site form is a contorted rectangular lot ; upon arranging the various spaces needed – it was conjoined into 2 main massing . These linear massing was bent to fit the site . A restrained planar folding method is unifying all the massing at the front, while on the side the 2 massing is very visible interconnected from one another.






dining area




office & powder room


guestroom t&b

master’s bedroom

master’s t&b

bedroom 1

bedroom 1 t&b

bedroom 2

bedroom 2 t&b




elevations & sections


project credits:

program: 4 bedroom residential

location: zamboanga city

lot area: 820 sqm

floor area: 550 sqm

year: 2012

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: andrew tan

design team : john dolores, richard lo , jess baraga