c – house

Photos by: Buck Sia

The c- house is situated on a rolling site . The best view is at the southern end of the property , due to this we wrapped around the balcony that connects the 2nd floor bedrooms. These bedrooms are arranged in a staggered manner bound with the balcony . The main form came out where the eaves of such balcony connects towards the ground floor deck – forming a letter “C”, thus the name of the project. The “C” form characterizes a rigid form that contrasts the more fluid balcony .

view from entry

view from driveway

south view

the contrast of the rigid “c” form with the white more fluid balcony

east view

floor plans


elevations & sections


program: 6 bedroom residential

location: alta vista pardo cebu

lot area: 570 sqm

floor area: 465 sqm

year: 2013

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: andrew tan

design team : jess baraga, richard lo, john dolores