DTI provincial headquarters

Photos by: Buck Sia


when the dti provincial director approached  me for their possible relocation to this existing building , the first thing i told her was that this building has character. My love for architecture history told me the story of this building – the characteristics of the building told me that this is a 60s building apparent in the parapet widely used before. It also reflects a modern movement that is utilitarian . the interiors had a double volume – with diamond patterned ceilings and wood cladding, with a nice marble flooring . I was excited to transform this space and revitalize the former glory plus add a zubu flair.

the original entry of this building was on the corner – we figured using the corner as a  marker that emphasize the existing parapet design. the tessellated design creeps down towards the street level creating an interesting element. At the west wall , indirect windows we call the building’s gills will try to maximize the sunlight while avoiding direct glare and heat . this is repeated as a modular element . At the south wall this element was inverted to show more glass to let more light come in.

The interiors were carefully laid out for the respective departments to make their operations more efficient , currently DTI is located on 2 different locations. This resulted into a more fluid spatial experience.

   existing exterior facade  existing interior

  exterior views

ground floor interior views

second floor interior views


flow diagram


floor plans elevations & sections


program: facade renovation and office interior

location: osmeña boulevard corner lapu-lapu st., cebu city

floor area: 750 sqm

year: 2012

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: andrew tan, jess baraga