house RA

Photos by: Buck Sia

When we were approached to design for this house , the clients wanted a house that is of course modern ,but it has to have a “heavy feel”. We approached it with an architectonic composition . All planar elements had ┬ámore thicker profiles and ┬ámassing was composed with that heaviness in mind. We still striked a balance on creating a heavy proportion on the elements but still creating a balance and lightness among the relationship of the geometry and elements of the house.


southeast view- showing the corner of the masters bedroom, laid out with a loft plan.


view at deck

northeast view – the study at the ground floor and one of the bedrooms on the second floor.


view from pool

north view

west view


elevations & sections

program: 4 bedroom residential

location: zamboanga city

lot area: 1,000 sqm

floor area: 410 sqm

year: 2013

principal architect: buck richnold sia

associate architect: richard lo, john dolores