About Zubu


Zubu Design Associates is a design studio that is dedicated to creating progressive and modern architecture. It combines innovative and experimental concepts, as well as the international style to the culture and climate to the local setting. The architect’s believe that a well design building is not only to comply to its basic use but it should provide as a beacon for provoking thought and creating emotion through space, light and form. The group’s plan is intertwined to form a unified thought. Zubu also believes the design process is just important as the finished product.


Zubu design associates is in the pursuit of

Progressive Architecture: Architecture that is up to the times; to say the least modern. We are interested in the creative endeavors that adopt or create the new line of thinking.

Evolution: Architecture that takes importance in the design process. Result coming out from the need of the program as well as underlying factors. There is an evolution from the plan configuration that affects circulation and the form finding process. This can be observed from the duration of the project or by a series of projects.

Revolution: We are in the search of excellence, we strive not only to influence the social fabric stewards of well taught architecture. In this regard, we want to create a movement that upholds excellence and condemn mediocrity. As much as we always say – “There’s no such thing as bad architecture; only mediocre ones.”

Professionalism: We believe that high design uplifts the public and private realm instilling the correct attitude towards creative, business and service.

Contact Details

Address: 242 Magallanes St., Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Tel. No.: +63 32 2550138 | +63 32 4184698

Mobile: +63 922 8-Z-S-C-A-P-E


Twitter: zubu.da